Private Banking

Private Banking refers to the type of premium-level banking that a bank may offer to high net-worth individuals, a term that refers to wealthy individuals.

Unlike the high volume, commoditised retail banking services, private banking would normally personalise services by tailoring them specifically for an individual client.

We recommend only the safest and most secure financial institutions in the world for safety of your financial picture and planning your protection. Depending on the jurisdiction you choose, we have relationships with secure offshore banks that offer our customers the highest amount of stability and safety.

Offshore companies offer much greater financial privacy than domestic entities, such as corporations, Limited Liability Companies or an international business companies (IBC). There are many offshore jurisdictions that have favorable laws that the US, Canada and the UK do not extend. These jurisdictions compete for international clientele by favoring privacy of ownership, privacy granted to officers and directors and non-recognition of foreign judgments.

Offshore jurisdictions have much advantageous different legal systems for those seeking asset protection and financial privacy.There are some more features include: – Free internet banking, Cheap International ATM cards, No account maintenance fee, Deposit and Withdraw as much as you want etc.

A company may open account in Switzerland whether its registered office in Switzerland or in any other country. If the company’s registered office is in Switzerland then the company is identified with the relevant extract from the Swiss Commercial Register which the bank may download from the relevant website.

Creating an IBC, or International Business Corporation, is as easy as making a trip to your local bank and setting up your own corporate business account. You do not need to go to the country in which you wish to form the account.

The advantage of an IBC is its portability factor. For instance, an IBC that is formed in Panama can open a bank account in Switzerland, the United States and just about any other country. The bank opening the IBC account will require you to produce the incorporation documents, a corporate resolution by the directors authorizing the opening of the account, and will need to know who the appointed person will be for the account signatory. When the signatory is decided upon for the account, the bank will then require the proper identification papers for the signatory. Its very similar to what transpires during the opening of a domestic bank account. The point being made is that an IBC account can be opened anywhere in the world to operate tax-free and privately.

When approaching a well-established IBC account formation agent to set up the particulars of the IBC account, you should ensure that all the necessary steps and inclusions are clearly stated. You can buy many offshore IBC companies from a wide array of providers that will set up your IBC account in the country of your choice. They should ensure that all laws local to the countries of choice are followed to the letter. Such things as setting the papers with the local Registrar’s office is pertinent in order to have your corporation properly registered.

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